I am not going to make any more excuses for not keeping up with this blog of mine as much as I would like to.  I am running a full fledged ice cream store in NYC, so I have come to terms with only being able to update this when I can.  The other night I was fully inspired to write an entry, but now that I am writing, it is clear to me that there are about 3 entries that will need to follow.  The first one is about margaritas.  I have a hard time following recipes in general, but there is a Mexican cookbook that I have been loving for almost a year now, and it has been very worth my while to follow the instructions.  It is called Amor y Tacos by Deborah Schneider, and I have made quite a few of her recipes.  I have also loved reading through her dichos and anecdotes.  Anyway, her Margaritas Sol recipe is killer, and I have made it twice very recently.  Both times they were received with “these are the best margaritas that I have ever tasted”.  That statement, coming from 30 year old women who drink a lot of margaritas, is a pretty major compliment.  They are really well balanced with acidity and alcohol- they are just perfect.  I opt out of the salted rim, and garnish with some sliced orange and a nasturtium blossom.