Goat Milk Yogurt Swirled with Cajeta and Berries

Over the past couple of years I have gotten really into goat milk, and have fallen in love with goat milk yogurts from different farmers in the region.  I love them all- some are runnier and more liquid- perfect for mixing with cereal and granola.  Others are thick and creamy- perfect for topping with fruits and nuts- and eating as a dessert instead of ice cream or custard.

All of the plain local yogurts I have tried have a slight tang that is to die for.  And I love when that slight tang is accentuated by the addition of something sweet, not to mask it, but to dance with it in the preparation.  I find that cajeta does just that- it mambos with the yogurt.  Cajeta is a Mexican goat milk caramel, made by boiling down goat milk with sugar for a long period of time, until it becomes thick and caramelized.  I love cajeta on ice cream, but only recently did I discover how delicious it is with tangy yogurt.  Now, instead of adding honey, I simply swirl in a spoonful of cajeta, and top with berries and nuts.  It is absolutely delicious and incredibly satisfying.