“Cebollitas”: The Easiest and Most Delicious Condiment Ever

As far as I know, there is no name for this condiment, so I will just call it by its adopted nickname, “Las Cebollitas”.  My uncle Brian is responsible for its creation.  He lives in Baja California Sur, Mexico and is a big foodie.  He is also what I call an “occurrista“.  An occurrista is someone who gets an idea of a flavor that they want to eat, and then puts together a whole meal based on whatever that craving was.  They aren’t necessarily cooks, but they know how to get what they want and need into their mouths.  They aren’t satisfied with something that is given to them either, they must doctor everything up somehow by adding this or that.

Las Cebollitas

I think this is how this amazing condiment came about.  He made it in the kitchen while we were waiting for lunch one day, as he normally enters 30 minutes before the meal is served and fixes something up based on what he sees around him.  All of us fell in love with these “Cebollitas“, or onions, and starting adding them to our condiment spread at meals. All you do is thinly slice a white onion, either in half moons, or quartered moons, so that they are as thin as paper. Place them in a small bowl and add thinly sliced jalapeno peppers, seeds and all.  Pour over some lime juice and olive oil and season with salt.  The quantities are based on your own taste, but you will need about 2 limes for 1/4 of an onion, and about 1 tablespoon olive oil or so.  I really can’t imagine measuring the amounts, because an occurrista wouldn’t, and this is an occurrista‘s recipe.

This is great over grilled fish, chicken, and meat.  It goes well in burritos, on tacos, as a garnish on veggies or soups.