Papaya, Cucumber, and Ginger Salsa

Please allow me to preface this entry by saying that I know almost everything I have posted so far has been a salsa or dip.  I am aware of this issue, but right now I am working with limited kitchenware and a very understocked pantry.  I promise that in the future I will be putting up things that are a bit more substantial. In the meantime, enjoy the light fare.

Papaya, Cucumber, and Ginger Salsa

Papaya, Cucumber, and Ginger Salsa

So anyway, last week we had Taco Night at our friends’ apartment here in South Beach.  It was a super fun pot-luck dinner of all things Mexican and the like.  I made a few salsas, but this one was my favorite: Papaya, Cucumber, and Ginger Salsa.  It really came together because I had a huge papaya that was overripening at a speed that I could not keep up with.  I also happened to have a cucumber in my fridge, as well as some spring onions.  The ginger was an afterthought that totally made sense.  All I did was chop up about 1 cup of papaya and 1/2  of an English cucumber into medium-sized dice.  Then I thinly sliced about 2 spring onions (scallions), using the white and light green part.  I then finely minced a good 1 inch piece of peeled fresh ginger.  I added the juice of 2 limes and a splash of rice wine vinegar (totally optional).  To give it some color I mixed in a small handful of cilantro.  I seasoned with salt and added a touch of honey. I did not use any chile peppers, because I had the ginger in there, and I knew there would be plenty of other spicy sauces.

I love this salsa on grilled fish, like Mahi Mahi and tuna.  You could also use it with grilled chicken or quesadillas.


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