Dalia Pascal

So this is my first entry that is non-food related, but I want this blog to encompass other things besides just recipes.  There is this designer that I totally love, and wanted to share her name and what she is doing with everyone.  Her name is Dalia Pascal and she designs handbags and jewelry.

Dalia Pascal Handbag

Dalia Pascal Handbag

I picked up this bag at the airport in San Jose del Cabo.  I am normally not an airport shopper, but when I saw this bag I had to have it.  Dalia designs the bags and works with indigenous women around Mexico, who hand embroider the fabric.  The intricate embroidery of textiles is a dying craft in Mexico, and pretty soon we will not see the beautiful work that make places like Oaxaca and Michoacan so rich.  Dalia’s line features diverse textile designs, all handmade.  She is helping the preserve the technique of hand embroidery, while updating its use for more trendy styles. I am really in love with my beautiful bag and hope everyone looks for her stuff the next time you are in Mexico.



  1. dalia · February 13, 2009

    Hi Sophia
    Thank you so much for your comments!
    I found this a few days ago and I was thrilled.The fact is that most of the times I don’t get to know my clients, and sometimes I hear their impressions from the comments I get from the store vendors.
    This particular textile, is Mayan, from the southern border of mexico and guatemala. The textiled is weaved by hand,( telar de cintura) and the embroidery is machine and handmade.
    This is a piece of a recicled huipil ( the dresses that the indian women wear)and it is what makes our designs more unique.
    Thanks again for the feedback

    • sophiacooksmexican · February 16, 2009

      Hi Dalia! I was thrilled that you read my post and responded with more details about how the bag was made. Your designs are gorgeous and I will keep following what you do.

  2. dalia · February 16, 2009

    Thank you Sofia, and good luck, I loved your mexican recipes, and I would like to suggest a restaurant for you, it is called IZOTE, in mexico city, next time you’ll come, try to go, it’s the best!

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